Deejay Profile


The DEEJAY GROUP is involved in Agriculture and Aquaculture and engaged in Agri Livestock activities and related genetic research in India

The Deejay Coconut Hybridization Project was set up by David J lobo in 1983 under the expert guidance of Prof. Anthony Davis, an UN expert in sustainable farming. Projects are located at Madurai and Ambur in Tamilnadu, Bailur in Karnataka and Salaullim in Goa. Deejay will be starting shortly in Andhra Pradesh. It is head quartered at Bangalore, in the State of Karnataka, India.

Today Deejay seedlings are considered superior and are the preferred planting material for maximum productivity for their qualities of high yield, early bearing, larger nuts, and more tender coconut water, which in turn relates to substantially  higher level of profitability.  Farmers are constantly getting over Rs.1,50,000/acre/per year and even smaller and/or marginal farmers lives are changing for the better.




“Deejays” is a forward thinking Organisation in the agri-based sector.
Our technology & research driven products transform the health & wellness of peoples’ lives across the globe. We are committed to educate, equip & empower farmers while maximising their wealth.



  • To be the world’s largest producers of coconut hybrid seedlings and value added products;
  • To revolutionize the agri-industry through our cutting edge R&D Initiatives and attract more people into agriculture farming year-on-year;
  • To set new benchmarks & standards of excellence in agriculture & health-care related products;
  • To transform the lives of millions of farmers by raising their living standards;


  • Integrity: We believe in a total commitment to God and exemplary ethical values in a spirit of humility, following the path of integrity & fairness.
  • Forward Thinking:We constantly expand our horizons through creative enquiry & exploration and we make decisions to not only excel in the present, but help shape the future.
  • Taking Ownership:We believe in accountability, delegation and participation of our people in Management.
  • Supportive Leadership:We believe that people are our greatest strength and we provide an environment conducive to:
    • Growth and personal development;
    • Open communication and healthy inter-action;
    • Fulfilment of career aspirations;
  • Passion for Excellence:We believe in the spirit of innovation & relentless pursuit of excellence in all spheres of activity.
  • Results Orientated:We believe in achieving our vision through the implementation of realistic and thorough plans.
  • Customer Satisfaction:We believe in a genuine concern for our customers and provide quality products & services, with the assurance that our sale is not complete until our customer gets the anticipated benefits.
  • Our Rewards:We believe that our profit is and must be the legitimate reward for services rendered to society.


Mr. DAVID J LOBO- Chairman Deejay Group

David Lobo is the Chairman of Deejay Group who is an entrepreneur for over 40 years. His expertise is in agriculture, coconut hybridization and general management. David Lobo has also set up the Bridge Foundation, a micro enterprise development trust in 1983, which is one of the largest trusts in this space in India. He has also co-founded the not-for-profit Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, today rated among the first twenty Management Colleges in India. Under his guidance the Deejay Group has received several awards over the years.  The National Productivity Award, the Shiromani Award from the Vice President of India, and several rural and state awards have been won by the Deejay Group.