Deejay Research and Development

Deejay is a forward thinking organisation working exclusively for the benefit of farmers and in this regard we started our research lab in a low profile way, considering its difficulties as not being a corporate organisation.


To provide the best of hybrids to farmers, year on year is not an easy task and one must foil hard for it, germplasm selection & conservation for future wax only possible through Embryo culture, to make our vision possible.


Now we have a lab constantly working on Embryo culture & the success of our Embryo culture  on basis of our recovery percentage has allowed us to open our markets out & wide to the world providing scope for export of Embryo culture plants.


Making the best for farmers is what we strive for & mass propagation is the best way forward and Deejays has ventured further into Tissue culture  & is carrying out extensive research work on the same since 2014, days are far ahead when we can provide best of hybrids to farmers through tissue culture.

EC Plants