The Deejay Sampoorna® Hybrid Coconut is the result of more than 25 years of research.  It’s a general purpose hybrid coconut seedling. It starts flowering from the 3rd year of planting,  produces an average of 250 coconuts per year per tree (some farmers report far higher numbers) from the sixth year of planting under reasonably good management conditions, including DCG(Deejay Cultivation guidance). When tender nuts are harvested at 6.5 to 7 months of age, yields can increase by 30% and yields exceeding 400 nuts per palm are commonly reported to us. The yield increase is also due to a dramatic reduction of load on the tree of producing kernel and oil, resulting in more nuts per bunch being set. The Deejay Sampoorna® is the mainstay for the farmer throughout our markets. Nicking and synergistic combining of the genes of both parents result in a symbiosis of superior performance over both mother and father palms. Constant research and selection along with the CIP (Continuous Improvement Program) in each farm have helped the yields steadily creep upwards, year on year.

Features of Deejay Sampoorna®
  • Ideal general purpose hybrid
  • Early Flowering – Starts flowering from the 3rd year of planting
  • Large number of nuts – Upto 250 nuts per palm per annum
  • 400 and more tender nuts per annum reported by several customers
  • The tender coconut harvested at 7 months has 500 ml plus of sweeter Tender Coconut Water.
  • Good kernel and copra content – approximately 210 grams per nut. [21 kgs per 100 nuts]
  • Approximately 3,675 kgs of copra per acre per annum
  • Approximately 2,499 kgs of coconut oil per acre

Note: The above results are being achieved by following ideal agronomic practices and the guidance given by the company but subject to prevailing local climatic and soil conditions and collated from the results of hundreds of customers.