Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who/what is Deejay Coconut Farm Pvt Ltd?
Ans: DCFP is a company that focuses on Hybridization of coconut palms for over 34 years, having to its credit the production of the most preferred coconut hybrid seedling in the country.

2. What is a hybrid?
Ans: A hybrid coconut seedling is a cross between a Dwarf Palm and a Tall Palm. The good characteristics of both get concentrated in the progeny called a hybrid. This factor is called Hybrid Vigour. Through scientific selection process the best hybrid is chosen for sale, which has the best commercial characteristics of productivity. In other words it makes the most money for the farmer.

3. How is a hybrid produced?
Ans: We emasculate the spathe, ie the flower stem which has about 10,000 male flowers and 20 to 80 female buttons on each. Every male flower is removed before it matures and produces pollen. Then a few days later when the female buttons start maturing, we pollinate by brush, each female button over a period of 10 days. Most of these buttons mature and are hybrid nuts. They are harvested 12 months later, selected and put into the nursery beds, and six months later the hybrid seedling is ready for sale

4. Are all the seedlings produced in this manner are hybrids?
Ans: Unfortunately not. The bees and other pollinators bring illegitimate pollen from the wrong palms and we have upto 30% illegitimate seedlings. These are removed and destroyed at the nursery. No other breeder destroys these seedlings. The only company doing so is Deejays, hence our customers are assured of getting 100% hybrid seedlings from us.

5. What is special about the Deejay Hybrid coconut seedling?
Ans: It flowers in 2 years, or one third the time [two years as against 6 years in tall variety]; it yields more than three times the number of coconuts annually compared to the best Tall under good management [250 nuts as against 80 nuts], and the nut size is more than 30% larger [ 1.5 dehusked coconuts to the Kg, compared to 2.5 nuts to the KG.]

6. Can you give me a comparative statement of performance of the Sampoorna with the regular palm?
Ans: Yes, I certainly can.

7. Can you give me a comparative statement of costs and income?
Ans: Yes, I certainly can. You will see from it why it is absolutely not viable to plant any other type of coconut seedling.

8. Why should I buy your hybrid when hundreds of other hybrids and varieties are available from Agri colleges and Govt. Farms?
Ans: All such institutions are mandated to produce better planting material for the farmer. That is their job. However giving hundreds of choices to the farmer, makes no sense for he has to live for the rest of his life with his choice be it good, poor or bad! . The coconut tree is planted ONLY ONCE in your lifetime. You must plant the best. When planting coconut seedlings, a good seedling is NOT GOOD, when the BEST is available. Remember you plant once in your life time, and you will lose potential income for the rest of your life, if you have not planted the best. The Deejay Sampoorna is the BEST and is the seedling of choice, and not just in India.

9. What do you mean by “not just in India”?
We have 3 Joint Ventures presently in Africa and in the Philippines and others are presently under negotiation. To countries that allow, the Sampoorna Seedling is being exported. Studying the performance of hybrids in other countries we find the Deejay Sampoorna has the highest production over any other. That is the reason we believe farmers from around the world are interested in it and many have visited our farms and our customers’ gardens. It is our life’s mission to produce the best hybrid in the world.

10. How have you judged the performance of your Sampoorna?
Ans: We have over two million Sampoorna yielding in the fields, majority of it is in TN. We have supplied large quantity in Karnataka and Andhrapradesh as well. Unfortunately the farmers do not keep accurate records. We speak to hundreds of them on a regular basis. Our estimations are based on the feedback from farmers. However seeing is believing, and we are happy to help you meet some of the customers and see the results for yourselves.

11. What do you charge for your Sampoorna?
Ans : Our price is Rs 499 per seedling.

12. Wow, that is high! I can buy for one tenth the price. Why should I buy your seedlings?
Ans: Yes, you can buy cheaper seedlings. But it is not wise to do so. Are the other seedlings really cheaper? No they are not. They are much more costly. Let me explain. Our costs are extremely high due to a very high labour component and severe quality control measures we adopt in producing the best quality hybrid. However that is only part of the reason. The price of the seedling is only one component in setting up a coconut farm. Other costs such as labour, fertilizers, admin costs, time factor and cost of money etc are more for the other palms by far. The other palms take a much longer time to mature and yield, and then you get a lessor yield. By planting the Sampoorna you will save an investment of Rs.500 per Sampoorna seedling, and get much earlier yields, and get much higher profits. Your will earn an additional of Rs. 80.50 lakhs per acre in the lifetime of your farm from Deejay Sampoorna when compared to tall variety. Do remember the adage for coconut farming, Good is not good, when the best is available.
13. Is it good for the production of Tender Coconut Water [TCW]?
Ans: It has double the quantity of TCW or 500 ml compared to the normal nut of 250 ml, and the water is sweeter – 5.5 BRIX compared to 3.5 BRIX. [BRIX is the percentage of sugar in the liquid.]

14. Where are your breeding farms?
Ans: Our breeding farms are in Tamil Nadu, Goa, Karnataka, and AP, totalling over 600 acres. Our present production of 5 lakh seedlings, is steadily rising to 10 lakh seedlings per annum. I am proud to say that we are the only people in the world who have computerized all records, and today have a data base of 30,000 palms.
15. How does your computerized records help you?
Ans: We do pedigreed breeding. This means that we know the mother and the father of each and every breeder in our farms. We have a highly qualified and competent full time Research Team. The computer selects 2% of the palms which are the highest producers from 30,000 i.e. 600 palms. Then we labourously go through each of these 600 palms’ records, rejecting 400 by checking each ones characteristics – over 30 palm and nut characteristics. These “Grand Mothers” produce the mother palms which produce the hybrids. This is how we select and breed the next generation of Mother palms. This selection process ensure production of high yielding hybrid coconut seedlings that generate much more income for the farmer.
16. Can I do inter cropping among your palms?
Ans: Yes, most certainly you can. You can dramatically increase the returns from your lands by planting all the spices, most vegetables, some fruit plants as inter crops. If you want more details I can get you the same.
17. Is marketing of coconuts difficult?
Ans: No it is not. Coconut farming is well established in India and the markets are organised.
18. Does it make sense to do value addition?
Ans: Yes, certainly. This is where the big money is and the coconut and its value added products are rising in demand, value and growth throughout the world. I could put you in touch with the right people in our company at the right time.