Tender Coconut

Tender Coconut

Tender Coconut (2)Based on the experience and research of our skilled professional Deejay offers a wide range of quality Tender coconut. Our tender coconuts have a lot of medical benefits with a mouth watering taste.

Tender Coconut Water

tender coconut waterAs per the needs and requirements of our customers, we are engaged in offering Tender Coconut Water. Deejay’s Tender Coconut Water is safe to consume, has longer shelf life and are in the purest form.

Trimmed Tender Coconut 

Trimmed Tender CoconutDeejay has gained a remarkable growth in the market of Trimmed Tender Coconuts. Our coconuts are good for health, easy to digest and highly nutritious.

Packed Tender Coconut Water

Packed Tender Coconut WaterConsidering the increased demands of the clients, Deejay is providing the Tender Coconut Water which is available at a fair market price. This product from Deejay is rich in taste, fresh and natural and has a long life compared to others in the market.