The Potential of the Deejay Hybrid

The primary purpose of the coconut tree is to produce large numbers of coconuts at the lowest cost.  The the Deejay Hybrid does better than any other coconut palm. However its uniqueness is also shown in its value added products.

Value addition of any product is based on the quantity of supply and the increased value added to the raw material.  If both these factors exist the private sector automatically will go in for value addition and new opportunities and horizons open up.

With regard to coconut farming, there is some basic value addition as most of the coconut production  is consumed by the oil extraction industry, and the rest by the millions of home as a food item. Coconut oil commands the highest retail and wholesale price in India due to the demand, and hence little is exported.  However now the entire industry can and will change.  With high productivity many new avenues of value addition will open up.

Palm sugar or coconut jaggery is merely a cottage industry today.  However the market for palm sugar is huge and growing in the West, as it is a low glycemic sugar and of very high value.  This is not a viable industry as long as much labour is required to harvest the coconut sap [raw material for palm sugar]. Each palm yields approx.1.5 ltrs of sap per day. Labour costs decimate the project.  Only the agriculturist family working themselves, harvesting the sap themselves, and making the sugar by themselves, survives as a cottage industry.  However when yields of sap increase by a factor of five, labour costs go down by the same factor and a huge opportunity opens up.  The Deejay Hybrid produces 7 to 11 ltrs of sap per palm per day.  As diabetes increases around the world and in India too, opportunities for the production of palm sugar grows in relation to the supply of the Deejay Hybrid.

Furthermore, as more of the developed world seems to be becoming lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant, different products can be made from the coconut that replace ALL dairy and wheat products.  Coconut butter, oil, cream, mild, yogurt are some of them. And coconut flour is gluten free and very high in protein, a healthier and better replacement to wheat [gluten laden] flour.

The Deejay Hybrid  also can become the highest edible oil producing agri activity for two reasons: Coconut oil [extracted from copra] and especially Virgin Coconut Oil [extracted from fresh kernel] is steadily being rated as the healthiest oils in the world, and secondly, the Deejay Hybrid oil production is higher than that of the oil palm!  The coconut palm is environmentally very friendly, unlike the oil palm…. a further advantage.

Non edible products from the coconut, coir, pith, wood, are steadily becoming the raw material of choice in the fields they support. Coir is replacing petroleum products in the manufacturing of dash boards for cars and truck, and coconut pith has already replaced peat, and is the product of preference for landscapers, horticulturists, hydroponics, floriculture etc. Coconut wood is stronger than teak with a higher density, is a rare wood that is reinforced by fiber, making is dramatically stronger and is able to support a coconut tree in a storm with the whole weight on the head of the trunk!  but is only available in small sections, and hence is still to catch the attention of the developed world.  Their homes will not blow away in an ordinary cyclone or hurricane, if they used coconut wood.

Bio-fuels:  The coconut palm is the only plant that can produce either bio-petrol or bio diesel.   Further more, its productivity is higher than any other plant by a factor of 5!  Unbelievable but true!

The future for coconut farming indeed looks bright.