Deejay: The World’s Trendsetter in Hybrid Coconut Seedling Production!


The Coconut Palm is considered around the world as the “Tree of Life”! Deejay Hybrids are considered the “Trees of Life of the Indian Coconuts Farmer.” With over 30 years of experience and extensive research in coconut farming and hybridization, Deejay produces the highest quality hybrid coconut seedling with the highest productivity.


The Deejay Hybrids flower in one third the time and yields three times more than the normal tall varieties. Deejay Hybrids in customers’ garden are earning four to six times more profit compared to other coconut palms, and that too with a lesser investment, in a shorter time.


Deejay has sold more than 2 Million hybrid seedlings over the last 20 years and has several thousand satisfied customers. Even the lives of poor and small farmers have dramatically changed for the better. If you wish to be a high profit generating agriculturist, do contact us.


Do remember that the gestation period of growing coconut palms is long and once planted will live half a century!


Do remember that you cannot afford a mistake in your decision making!

Do remember your decision will affect the next 50 years of income!

Do remember that “Good is not good when the Best is available”.

Deejay seedlings are the best. Deejay promises you to keep it that way.

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