Without these practices, the chances of ‘below par performance’ of the Hybrid palms are likely to happen

Plantation & Irrigation

  1. In Rocky and Clayey soil, pit size should be increased to 4’x4’x4’ instead of 3’x3’x3’
  2. Remove soil accumulation at the collar region of the seedlings.
  3. Irrigate Hybrid coconut plants on daily basis to maintain the required moisture level at the root zone for good nutrient intake.
  4. Mulching is required to be carried in the summer months to avoid the moisture evaporation and the resultant root damage.
  5. Regular Soil and Water analysis helps to know the Nutrient status of the farm area and is useful for the nutrient management of the trees.

Fertilizer/ Nutrient application

  1. Growing Green manure crops such as Sun hemp and Diancha in the basin areas helps in fixing nitrogen in the soil.
  2. Apply fertilizers half feet away from the girth of palm at 4th month, 1 foot away from girth at eighth month, 3 feet away from the girth at 15th month, and 4 feet away from the girth after 24 months.
  3. Regular application of VAM or any Biofertilizers improves the nutrient uptake from the soil.

Pests & Disease Prevention

  1. Installing Pheromone traps in the borders of the garden can arrest the population of Rhinoceros beetle and Red Palm Weevil.
  2. Daily observation of the plants for beetle attack helps in providing immediate treatment that saves the plant.
  3. Releasing the Predators like Crysoperla against Whiteflies and Goniozus nephantidis against Black headed caterpillar helps to keep the pest population in control.
  4. Regular spraying of Nimbecidine on the new buttons after the pollination stage helps in arresting Eriophyid mite attack on the fruit bunches.
For maximizing and getting the best yields from the Hybrid palms

Fertilizer & Irrigation

  1. Timely application of fertilizers and micronutrients as per schedule in the right quantity.
  2. The proper method of fertilizer application – Make proper rings, open the trench by 1-2 inches, apply fertilizers, and close the pit and Irrigate immediately OR liquid fertigation through the drip system.
  3. Plan for water contingency – Improve the water harvesting structures, emergency water storage for summer.

Good Farm Management Practices

  1. Weeding should be done once in a quarter to avoid the competition for nutrients and water and also to avoid the source of pests and diseases.
  2. Basin management is very essential to create aeration to the root zone. Ensure that the basin for the yielding trees is a minimum of six feet wide from the trunk with the first two feet kept idle from irrigation and fertigation.

Planting windbreakers like Bamboo may help in controlling heavy winds disturbing the tree.

For improving the productivity of the palms and to avoid the biotic stress for palms

Fertilizer, Irrigation, and Pesticide related

  1. Don’t apply nutrients or chemical fertilizers more than the recommendation which may cause soil toxicity.
  2. Don’t follow flood irrigation. This results in wastage of water and encourages weed growth.
  3. Don’t apply pesticides more than the recommended dosage, may create scorching of the leaves.

Farm Management Practises

  1. Don’t expose the small seedlings to the open sun. Grow sun hemp around the plant or create semi shade to the plant.
  2. Water and Soil particles should not enter the axils or central shoot which would cause bud rot issues.
  3. Water should not enter the center of the basin as it may create various fungal diseases.
  4. Basin should be free from Weeds to avoid the competition with the palms for nutrition.
  5. Avoid Injuries to stem and roots while practicing cultivation.
  6. Don’t cut the green leaves of the trees which reduces photosynthesis activity and attracts beetle attack at the cut area.


  1. Don’t plant intercrop within 6 feet from the coconut plant which may create competition for nutrients and water.
  2. Don’t intercrop the palms with fruit tree crops and heavy shade crops such as banana which create shade to coconut palms and increases the gestation period.
For ensuring the best performance of the Hybrid palms

Seedling Quality, Regular checks, etc.

  1. Ensuring the presence of ‘Hologram’ and/or Deejay Company identification on the seedlings on receipt of seedlings at the farm to ensure that there is no mixup while transporting the seedlings to your garden.
  2. Don’t listen to imposters, Non-Deejay representatives for seedling supply, payment related transactions (Always verify the person’s credentials)
  3. Hints for the Farm Owners, who are the absentee farmers, to check on the farm manager/ supervisors, ONCE A WEEK on the following aspects:
  • Adequate Irrigation aspects.
  • Symptoms of Nutrient deficiency and toxicity.
  • Timely application of fertilizer/ nutrients as per recommendation(s).
  • Symptoms of Pest and Disease incidence.
  • Timely and prophylactic measures for the prevention of pests/ diseases.
  • Prevent intercropping which affects the coconut palms growth.
  • Immediate reporting on pest/ disease in adjoining farms/ areas, for taking preventive measures.
  • Weeding and Farm Hygiene should be well maintained.
  • Ensuring the timely harvest of nuts.

Service Related

  1. Accessing the Deejay4U App regularly to learn about new practices, improvements, production protocols released by Company.
  2. Contacting the Company representative in case of any service requirement.
  3. Availing ‘Paid Service’ when necessary for farm upkeep, special advisory support, problem solving.