KalpaArambha Kit

Deejay Group, a pioneer in Coconut Breeding, is in the production of high-quality Hybrid Coconut Seedlings for the past four decades, named Deejay Sampoorna®. With a view to enable the farmers to provide the right foundation for the Hybrid Coconut palm from the start of the planting, Deejay has developed a suitable nutrient pack, with a combination of essential inputs. This nutrient pack is called “KalpaArambha – a starter kit and is recommended to be used in the pits, while planting the young coconut seedlings, to provide the required nutrition from the time the new root system starts from the palms. Coconut seedlings need right nutrition from the day of planting, like a new born child, needing right nutrition, to grow well in their initial growing stages.


Contents and the Benefits of KalpaArambha™

Sl. No
KalpaArogya Neem Cake
25 kg
Provides plant nutrient and has pesticidal property
KalpaArogya Humic
2 kg
Improves Root development and enhances the nutrient uptake
KalpaArogya PGPR Consortia
10 kg
Solubilizes the unavailable form of nitrogen, phosphorus, Potassium in soil to available form for the plant
Kalpa VAM
3 kg
Phosphorous solubilizer, solubilizes the immobile form to available phosphate form and provide disease resistance to palms
Note: KalpaArambha™ is a supplement to the regular fertilizer usage, recommended for the Coconut growth and hence it is not an alternate.
Method of Application

KalpaArambha™ should be applied to the pit at the time of planting the coconut seedlings.

  • Mix KalpaAramba™ contents (KA-PGPR Consortia, KA-VAM) with the KA-Neem cake and keep it in shade for 7 days.
  • Add KA-Humic to the composted mixture at the time of application in the pit.
  • Apply mixture @ 800 gms per pit around the planting area of the seedling.

For best results – avoid using any fungicides as soil application for 15 days after the application of the kit mixture to the plant.

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