KalpaVruddi KitDeejay Group, a pioneer in Coconut Breeding is in the production of high-quality Hybrid Coconut Seedlings for the past four decades, named Deejay Sampoorna®. For harvesting the full potential yield of the Hybrid Coconut tree, it is necessary to provide the right nutrition during the growing and yielding stages of the coconut plant. To meet this need, Deejay has developed a suitable nutrient pack with a combination of essential inputs. This nutrient pack is called “KalpaVruddi™” – a grower kit, is recommended to be used as a soil application for the growing coconut plants to enhance uptake of nutrients from the soil. “KalpaVruddi™” should be applied once in every six months and can be applied along with fertilizers/manures.

Contents and the Benefits of KalpaVruddi™

KalpaVruddi™ contains many beneficial microbial cultures that support in enhancing the soil health and nutrient uptake through the root system. This will eventually result in increasing the spathes and better retention of buttons to improve productivity from the trees.

Sl. No.
KalpaArogya PGPR Consortia
5 ltr
Solubilizes the unavailable form of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium in soil to available form for the plant
Kalpa VAM
3 kg
Phosphorous solubilizer, solubilizes the immobile form to available phosphate form and also provides disease resistance to palms
KalpaArogya Zinc Solubilizer
1 ltr
Zn solubilizer enhances the availability of the zinc for the plant
Kalpa Azotobacter
1 ltr
Conversion of atmospheric nitrogen (N2) into ammonium, readily absorbable by roots
KalpaArogya Silicate Solubilizer
1 ltr
Improves plant strength, helps to sustain stress from drought and adverse weather conditions
Note: KalpaVruddi™ is a supplement to the regular fertilizer usage, recommended for the Coconut growth and hence it is not an alternate.
Method of Application

KalpaVruddi™ is developed for use – either by fertigation through drip irrigation or soil drenching.

  • Mix the contents (KA-PGPR Consortia, KA-Zn Solubilizer & KA- Si Solubilizer liquid) and apply along with irrigation water through drip irrigation system.
  • For soil application, mix the entire contents KA-PGPR Consortia, KA-Zn Solubilizer & KA-Si Solubilizer in 100 ltrs of water and drench the basin area @ 2 ltrs for each palm.
  • K-VAM & KA-Azotobacter should be applied to the basin area of the coconut palm by mixing the entire contents with 27 kg Vermicompost/manure and apply the mixture @ 600 gms per palm.

For best results – avoid using any fungicides as soil application for 15 days after the application of the kit mixture to the plant.

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