Welcome to Deejay Coconut Farm

The first Deejay Farm was started in 1969 by David Lobo.  A UN Expert, Prof. Anthony Davis, conducting extensive coconut breeding programs in Asia, convinced David Lobo to get into coconut breeding on the basis of his proven expertise. Starting in 1983, Deejay Coconut Farm Pvt. Ltd. was started in Madurai, Tamil Nadu on a 200 acre plot. The result – the Deejay Sampoorna® Hybrid.

Today with over 40 years of experience and research in coconut hybridization, Deejay produces the fastest and highest yielding coconut palms on earth.

The Deejay Sampoorna flowers in one third the time in just three years, and yields four to six times more than normal tall varieties requiring a much lower investment.

Deejay has produced more than 40 Lakhs [4.0 million] hybrid seedlings over the last 40 years and has 30,000+ delighted farmers. The lives of small farmers have also dramatically changed for the better.

Good is not good enough when the Best is available”. Improve your profits dramatically with Deejay Sampoorna. You plant a coconut palm only once in your lifetime. Therefore, choose wisely.


Deejay Coconut Farm is headquartered in Bangalore, India and has close to 50 years of agri-livestock experience. The company has three Joint Ventures internationally and more are in the pipeline.

The Deejay Coconut Breeding Project was started in a 200 acre farm near Madurai (Tamil Nadu), and since then has expanded to Ambur (Tamil Nadu), Bailur (Karnataka), Salaulim, Sanguem, Pirla, and Bali (Goa), Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh) and recently in Penukonda (Andhra Pradesh). The Breeding Farms cover an area of approximately 550 acres with about 30,000 Deejay Dwarf Mother Palms. The first commercial hybrid farm of 120 acres has been planted to serve as a model organic farm.

Mr. DAVID J LOBO – CMD, Deejay Group

David J Lobo is the founder and chairman of the Deejay Group. He has set up the Bridge Foundation, one of India’s largest microenterprise development trusts in 1983. He co-founded the Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME) rated among the top Management Colleges in India. He was instrumental in bringing McDonalds Fast Food chain to India, running their food processing factory for almost a decade. David Lobo has won the Shiromani award presented by the Vice President of India, Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma, and the National Productivity Council Award for rural development and productivity in the agri-livestock space.

Our Mission

To breed a coconut palm with the highest productivity, resulting in the lowest cost of producing a coconut and value-added products, thereby improving the quality of life of all stakeholders with special emphasis on the small farmer.

Our Vision
  • To move one million small farmers from poverty to a better quality of life
  • To be at the cutting edge of coconut farming technology, and value-added coconut products
Our Core Values
  • We believe in a total commitment to God and exemplary values in a spirit of humility, following the path of integrity & fairness.
  • Supportive Leadership: We believe that people are our greatest strength and we provide an environment conducive to growth and personal development, open communication, and healthy interaction and fulfillment of career aspirations.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We believe a sale is not complete until our customer gets the anticipated benefits.
  • Our Rewards: We believe that our profit is and must be a legitimate reward for services rendered to the society.