Deejay Pushkala – Hybrid Coconut Seedling

This Deejay Pushkala hybrid is the result of several years of field evaluation. These hybrid seedlings are specially produced for tender coconut purpose and will be the perfect answer for the ever growing tender coconut market needs. These seedlings will be the preferred choice for the supply of tender coconuts to the processing industries.
If you wish to produce large Coconuts for sweet tender coconut water, the Deejay Pushkala Hybrid is your first choice.


Deejay Pushkala – Features
  • Ideal hybrid for tender coconut water
  • Early yielder – flowering within 26 months after planting
  • Large number of nuts-300 tender nuts per annum reported by customers
  • The tender coconut at 7 months contains more than 600ml of sweet coconut water
  • Premium selling price for tender coconuts

Note: Above results are possible under reasonably good management conditions.