Deejay Sampoorna– Hybrid Coconut Seedling

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The Deejay Sampoorna Hybrid is the result of more than 25 years of meticulous scientific expertise using the finest breeding stock from around the world.  The high productivity of this hybrid is backed by thousands of satisfied customers all over south India. If you wish to produce a large number of nuts per palm, sweet tender nuts, high quality copra and high-yields of coconut oil, your preferred choice – The Deejay Sampoorna Hybrid Seedlings.


Deejay Sampoorna – Features :

  • Ideal general purpose hybrid
  • Early yielder – first flowering within 24 months after planting
  • Large number of nuts – up to 250 nuts per annum per palm
  • When harvested for tender coconuts, yield improves by approx 30% – 400 tender nuts per annum reported by several customers
  • The tender coconut harvested at 7 months contains a min. 500ml of sweet coconut water
  • Good kernel and copra content – approx. 210 grams per nut. [21 kgs per 100 nuts]
  • Approx. 9,187 kgs of copra per annum per hectare
  • Approx. 6 tonnes of coconut oil per hectare

Note: Above results are being achieved under reasonably good management conditions.